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Leaders in Data Recovery since 1982 is a division of Atlas Electronics Inc, established in 1952

The year was 1952 - Dwight Eisenhower was president, a postage stamp cost 3 cents, and a gas station fill-up could be had for just $4. I Love Lucy was watched on television by over 10 million homes.

Throughout the 50's and 60's, Atlas TV grew from TV sales and service in Miami Beach, FL to quickly becoming South Florida's premier solutions provider for video, audio and other emerging technologies.

In 1974, Atlas entered the Security Industry as one of the first provider and installer of Closed-Circuit Television Systems (CCTV) for local banks, buildings, hotels, and other Florida businesses.

In the 1980's, computer hardware repair and data recovery formed Atlas' newest division, paving the way for a corporate entrance into what we now call the Information Age.

With the new Millennium, mobility took the limelight - computers started to turn into phones. and Atlas was first and forefront in corporate data recovery and monitoring solutions. By the turn of the millennium, Atlas established itself as a recognized leader in data, security and electronic solutions on a global scale.

Today, Atlas' focus is to provide the most powerful technology & security solutions to a broad-market audience. Our mission is to provide quality technology and security products and solutions that are convenient and easy use.




Atlas Technology Group is a Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Atlas Electronics Inc, providing security and technology solutions to customers all over the world.